Thursday, 15 July 2010

Grizzly Bear Care

Grizzly in your cranky cave,
Everyone's unwelcome.
So I'll tap queries upon qwerty,
And forward them as memo.

My sweet tweet will pump your heart up,
And you'll smooth your silky fur,
When you realise in this typing,
You've caused this birds lines to blur.

So solid and so black,
My linear thoughts were calloused,
Till you grizzled in my thinking
And liquefied my malice.

Perhaps there is a way of peace,
Perhaps its time to bare,
And change my moulting feathers,
To a new and softer pair.

Grizzle I admire you,
I'm proud but I am scared,
For behind the grizzly beauty,
Is most powerful of bears.

Perhaps there is a way of peace,
Perhaps brittle bird will soften,
Since grizzle re-ignited,
What bird had long forgotten.

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